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Amanda Xue Hai


For me, Pilates is not only a physical exercise, but a tool to help to align the body and mind to maintain a productive and fulfilled life. Regardless of your background or your physical level, as a Pilates instructor, I want to take everyone on a journey through precise movement to find strength, flexibility and grace with a touch of playfulness. My classes are built on Pilates principles and combining anatomical and somatic knowledge I gained throughout my dance career. Whether you are recovering from a specific injury or preparing for/recovering from a pregnancy or simply to challenge one's physicality, I will create programs and building blocks to meet your needs.


My love for movement started throughout my childhood and continued with a contemporary dance education and a professional dance career in Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium. 


Life throws curve balls at you sometimes, that's the start of my Pilates journey to recover from a few dance injuries. Through Pilates I regained my full body strength and realigned my body. Having experienced these benefits, I decided to share it with others by becoming a Pilates instructor. I completed a full pilates apparatus BASI Comprehensive Global Teacher Training in Amsterdam with BASI Pilates® and to deepen my Pilates movement understanding I am doing a continuing education with STOTT PILATES®. 


Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Injury, Pathology, Special Population (Pilates)

Menopause Pilates for physiotherapist & movement practitioners 


I am also trained with the renowned Kundalini Yoga master teacher Kia Miller and has become a Yoga Alliance recognised Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2020.

Somatic Training Courses:


The Feldenkrais Method®

Body-Mind Centering® technique

Active Breath

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