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Group Mat
(in studio or online)

max. 5-8 people

No matter if you are an enthusiastic beginner or have been doing Pilates mat exercises for a few years, my mat class will give you the space to explore movement within the Pilates vocabulary and principles.

It will be a dialog between your body anatomy and your personal sensation, your core strength and your flexibility. It will be a curious search to consistently awaken and experience parts of your self long avoided or forgotten.


Pilates Group Reformer
max. 6 people

Reformer group class runs in a very small group setting of max. 6 people. It offers a nice total body work-out with a focus on alignment and core strength. Working with spring resistance adds a whole new challenge to Pilates.


Private Pilates sessions make use of a combination of all Pilates Studio Apparatus: reformer, cadillac, chair and ladder barrel, that are relevant to your body's needs. Whether you are working through injuries (rehabilitation), re-patterning movement or going deeper into an existing movement program and wanting to challenge your body.

It will also help to set a solid foundation for group reformer, group mat and shared studio sessions.


The hour will be shared between max. 3 students. Everyone will work on their own tailored movement program, targeting your specific needs whether it is rehabilitation, strengthening core and weaker muscles, increasing flexibility or training for movement awareness. You will work with a combining exercises on Mat, Reformer, Chair, Ladder barrel, Cadillac .

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